Our sloth wanted to give back to restore the habitat.

Benny, our party-loving, earth guardian sloth, wants to use his creative powers to give back to the planet by directing contributing to restoring his and many other beings’ habitats.

All you have to do is browse through our site and shop for jewelry, art and more. A portion of all sales is donated to animal habitat restoration due to the forest, wild and bushfires around the world due to climate change. With a focus on North America, South America and Australia. 

How can you get involved?

* Buy jewelry and art made by artists around the world *

* Shop our affiliate stores *

* Donate to directly give funds to animal habitat restoration *

Our sloth would appreciate it. Benny and many other sloths, and animals of all kinds, will appreciate it greatly!

Art is made. You shop. We use your money to make a difference to the earth.

Creative Benny is a collective of creatives, art activists and affiliates that believe in the power of people to consciously contribute to the healing of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Where to Start:

Check our our products and see if theres anything you like! Follow the directions and we will be able to give money to habitat restoration causes to you at no additional cost